Supplies and manages skilled workers for vessel mooring, operation on Ro-Ro vessels, and delivery of cargo. Recruiting, training, and deploying of workers of various categories are systematically done by HPS for systematic and safe handling of highly valuable cargo such as vehicles.

Some of the tasks we perform are :

  • Vessel Mooring
  • Ro-Ro Work
  • Lashing
  • Special Equ ops
  • Cargo Delivery
  • Technical Services

Supply for Skilled Operators at Ro-Ro Terminal

Standard operating procedures are developed in conjunction with the terminal in keeping with best practices of world-class Ro-Ro terminals which are strictly adhered to by the workers numbering over 250, ably managed by competent management and supervisory team. Moreover, HPS provides much-needed jobs for the youth in the deep south of the island which is bound to be a major center for manufacturing and logistics in the future. The company is well-positioned to expand its services while coping up with the growing demand.