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We supply and manage entire force of skilled manpower for yard operation of the Colombo International Container Terminal(CICT). The company employs a highly experienced team of trainers with international exposure to train skilled operators for various jobs in terminal operations .

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Some of the skill areas we manage are:  

  • ITV (Prime Mover) Operators.
  • RTG Operators.
  • Lifting Equipment Operators
  • Wharf Control Assistants.
  • Gate monitoring staff
  • Reefer container monitoringteams
  • ITV Maintenance
  • Shipboard lashing and unlashing.
  • On-Dock Empty container depotand M&R Centre
  • Yard support services

We employ over 900 people aroundthe clock to meet operational and efficiency demands from the terminal. demands.The team operate on a 3-team 2 shift system to ensure they are always at theirpeak performance. The services include maintenance and repairs to all the ITV’ssupplied by us since year 2013 under the CAPACITY® dealership.

The On Dock Container Maintenance and Repair Centre

Situated within the Colombo International Container Terminal (CICT) and functioning around the clock, the on-dock service offers repair bay, survey bay, washing bay as well as storage facilities within the port itself.

Shipping lines now have the opportunity of directing their customers to return the emptied equipment directly to the port, thereby reducing the costs incurred (transport/lift on lift-off) in moving equipment from Container depots to the port which leads to massive savings.

Different Services we offer:

ITV Operation ITV Maintainence
RTG Operation Reefer Monitoring
Lashing Gatechecking
Wharf Controlling Yard Controlling
On-Dock CY Support Services

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